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I have a tendency to gravitate towards all the same colours: grey, black, white, and muted beige and purple. This photo is back from mid-summer; even then I was basically confining myself to a strictly black palate.

It's now definitely fall, and so I can't help but be inspired by all the oranges and golds and reds I'm seeing all around me, but I also have to admit that, based on past observations, it's doubtful that I will be successful in applying this to my wardrobe. But I have to try! Here's to more colour before winter wisks all my colourful inspiration away.

Betsey Johnson blazer, Zara top (you can't see it here, but there WAS some colour to this piece), H&M leggings, Darcie Doc Martens, Armor ring, Marc Marc Jacobs sunglasses and bag.

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