Finally, a style post! I was beginning to wonder if I would ever actually get around to doing one.

I fell in love with Armor Jewelry the first time I laid eyes on the collection. It could be that I was looking for this line my entire life, but just wasn't aware of it. The pieces are a balanced perfectly between Bold and Badass and Whimsical and Feminine, on a fulcrum of expert craftsmanship. The materials are top-notch: the chains on this ring feel almost like silken threads, but still look hardcore enough to suit my fancy. In any case, when I found it, that void in the jewelry part of my heart was instantly filled. I'm being totally cheesy here, but there's no other way to properly articulate it. The sales people at Sucre thankfully shared my excitement, but may still have been a little concerned about me shaking and bubbling over with glee.

Armor is the creation of designer Sandee Shin, who is based in New York. Shop the entire collection here.

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